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Big plans for Aussie land

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    Big plans for Aussie land !!!

    Hello everybody...

    My name is Armando, I live in Mexico an currently about to finish my last year in Highschool ( 6 months left )...

    Under my research for colleges and universities through out the world, I found that the University of Sydney, Australia offers just what I wanted... A combined program in Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering and a Bachelor in Physics.

    My parents are still not a 100% sure wether this is a good uni, or if its just crappy.

    Any info on this regards will be greatly appreciated.
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    You might be interested in a program that my university (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania) recently created in cooperation with Penn State University (also Pennsylvania).

    They call it the 3-2 Engineering Degree. You basicly take 3 years of classes at Lock Haven University majoring in Physics and then you transfer to PSU for 2 years majoring in a Engineering field of your choice. You end up with 2 Bachelors degrees. Heres a list of the engineering fields available
    http://www.lhup.edu/gp/physics/32_Engineering_Fields.htm [Broken]

    And here's the Physics department homepage
    http://www.lhup.edu/gp/physics/Physics_Main.htm [Broken]

    I'm currently a freshmen at LHU majoring in Computer Science. I plan changing to a dual major in CompSci and Physics after my Sophmore year.

    If you have any questions about LHU feel free to ask.

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