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Big Problems, virus

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    Ok here it is.... A few nights ago i posted a thread about a some adware of somthing like that but dduardo helped me with it, which i was extremely gratful for. But i now have a new problem which i beleive stemed from the old problem. I have som e sort of virus on my computer and i dont know what is causeing it. I have spybot S&D, Adware 6, and AVG and all these program scannot detect any porblems in my comp but every so often all my IE windows ge shut down by this thing. I have no idea what to do. If you have any ideas i ask you explain them as if to a child because i am pretty close to computer iliterate.
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    could be anything. What kind of adware was it before? It might have regenerated or your browser may have been hijacked. It is hard to tell without more info. What do you mean by shutdown? Do then display "Page couldn't be found" with a DSN-error at the bottom or do they just act like if you pressed the "X" button?
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    well a little message pops up and says, we found "thisandthis virus" and IE has preformed an illegal operation and will now shut down, and then all my IE windows disapear.
    I just got a junk load of infected files off my comp(163) but it still says that i have a virus which none of my programs can detect.

    and there is one currupt file left that i cannot get rid of it is called CoolWWWSearch.Leftover every time i clear the computer it seems to come back and i dont think it is the only one...
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    Some of the CoolWWWsearch files are in spybots definitions. It sounds like the malicious stuff is regenerating. They do this by borrowing from the computers ability to do a system *** (don't know the english term). It van be found at That computer symbol (have no idea what the english term is but the one were you can access your C:/). From there you can get to system information (in XP it is to the right). In that section there is a part called system ***. IF the malicious things uses this thing you can turn it off, and try to remove it again. However if it is turned off and you get rearended by the malware you are in trouble. It can also be that the thing has its own version of this. Since anti-spyware is all different you could consider using others. MSantispyware/defender is bad but It can work fine on occasion.

    You should let someone else reply to this thread than me because this is not my area of expertise.
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    Yeah, I used to get that coolwwwsearch stuff. Got rid of it. Sounds like you have some browser hijacker/malware.

    Go to:

    to get rid of it: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html

    Main site: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/

    And do the reading from there. Be careful using any program because if you don't do your homework such as reading carefully then you'll end up messing your registry.
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    Copy down the name of the virus and tell us what it is and we may be able to help...

    You can also look-up virus names and removal procedures on most major anti-virus program websites (or google).
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    Well my older brother came over when i was at school and he fixed it and i have no idea how he did it and frankly im kinda upset cause i wanted to do it or at least learn what he did.

    Umm thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my post but i guess i kinda cant use any of your advise till next virus which im sure is just around the corner.
  9. May 9, 2006 #8
    suggestion for Adware virus problems

    Hi, I wanted to jump on the site and give a little suggestion if you having trouble with junk building up on the computer. My sister was having the same problems and she told me she ran everything she could find. When I last talked to her she found a solution at FixFlash.com which is an outfit that can fix her computer remotely over the internet. She was happy and if this info can help out any of you...wonderful. Just a suggestion.
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