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Medical Big problems with sleeping

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    My problem is as follows:

    During my sleep I wake up several times (as an example if I sleep say for 7-8 hour I ll wake up at least say 7-8 times, that is atleast once per hour). Usually I see a dream and wakeup. If I take some tranquilizer pill (tavor is called in my country Greece, I think its chemical active is Lorapezame) then I (usually) don't see dreams but I still wake up every hour or every half an hour. I don't take any other medicines.

    Could it be that I suffer from sleep apnea? I went to a doctor (I suppose he is a good doctor (cardiologist/pathologist) since he is a professor at national university of Athens) and he told me (I suppose because of the many dreams I see) that it is psychological and I should visit a psychiatrist. What do you think?
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    You should be guided by the advice of professionals on this.

    If you were able to one night set a camera to record yourself sleeping (video + audio) then take this to your physician as it might be able to assist him.

    Unfortunately, PF members cannot diagnose medical problems. But we certainly wish you luck in getting this fixed.

    Thread closed.
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    Already locked, but I'll add that there are doctors and medical offices that specialize in studying sleep issues. Basically you go there and sleep and they watch you. Look for one of those.
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