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Homework Help: Big Test Prep Questions (3 of 3)

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    Alright we are having a review test and I needed to go back to the stuff we did earlier this year and I am having some trouble remembering what to do....
    :shy: how can i forget this stuff you ask... I don't know

    The hydrogen-filled airship Hindenburg could curise at 77 knots with the engines providing 4800 hp. Calcualte the air drag force in newtons on the airship at this speed.

    For convince
    77 knots = 39.6122 m/s
    4800 hp = 3.57936*10^6

    Answer:90.3 kN
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    Do you know how power is related to velocity ? Look up the relation. That should give you the answer.
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    Forgive me for even asking that question...

    I should fail for that alone. I looked right over the forumula... usually are problems arent' this easy thanks for the help
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