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BigDFT installation help needed

  1. Oct 23, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone!
    I need to instal and use BigDFT on my computer. I tried to use Cygwin but situation is kinda hopeless.
    Can you suggest me what to do? A friend (engineer, not physicist) suggested me to instal WUBI and try there.
    Anyone here had experience in using BigDFT? Is WUBI good solution? I lost 10days trying to make BigDFT work on Cygwin and now I'm really short on time!
    My masters degree work is "Application of GPU on DFT calculations". I need this BigDFT to run certain examples on cuda based GPU computer and on regular CPU and discuss the results. But i cant make it work at all! I haven't reach physics yet I'm lost with installation and compilers... :cry:
    Please help!
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