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Bigfoot Hoax Goes in Halls of Hooey

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Although this doesn't end the story of Bigfoot it may well end the story of the Patterson film. My only hold out is the recent book deal made with survivors of this episode - a debunking of the story. So now the debunkers have the problem of proving this is the same suit seen in the film. I expect that it is but my expectations have been wrong before.
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    No comment until someone fetches a bigfoot corpse. I mean, really, you would think one would die of old age and someones dog would drag a bone out of the woods...
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    If I remember correctly, the initial film showed Bigfoot with rather well-endowed mammary glands. Did Bob explain this part, I didn't see any details in the photos.

    My inclination has always to believe that footage was a hoax, but is this just another one?
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    Oops, sorry, read the rest of the story. It was supposed to be a female.
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