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Biggest blunder of Einstein.

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    Einstein thought the cosmological constant was the biggest blunder of his life.
    however, I think his biggest blunder was refusing uncertainty.
    dou you agree?
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    The equivalence of an accelerating reference frame with a gravitational field was a big one.
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    !?!? :uhh: That's the equivalence principle. What's wrong with that?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Mrs. Einstein.
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    he fot relitizity woz rite lol
    see http://youstupidrelativist.com

    Only kidding, I'm pretty sure Einstein's greatest blunder involved naked girls in a hotel room though ;)
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    Heres to stumbling from one blunder to the next.
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    His hairstyle.
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    Einstein was convinced that E = mc. He wrote an article on it and put a footnote reference on the equation, the second footnote in that paper. He intended to write the following note: "This is the greatest equation ever". However, in his haste, he forgot to add it in.
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    This thread has pretty much collapsed into a series of bad jokes.
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