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Bike problem

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    I'm going through my end of the year exam papers, since I figured I should actually make an effort at school this year, well anyway I'm terrible at physics and this question stumped me. Heres a diagram ( I drew it in MS paint ha, I even included a helmet cause riding bikes without one ain't safe. )

    http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/9627/lolbikemy1.gif [Broken]

    While travelling home, the bike accelerates at 1.5 ms-2 over a distance of 25m as shown in the diagram.

    Toni and the bike have a mass of 70kg.

    (j) Using the equation F = ma, calculate the net force acting on the bike when it is accelerating.

    (k) If it takes 5 seconds to cover the distance of 25m, calculate the power output of the bike during this time.

    I think the answer for (j) is F = 70 x 1.5, so this gives me 105 N
    Anyway I can't remember how I'm suppose to do (k) and my feeble attempts at doing it, gave me 13125 W but I'm sure thats wrong.
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    That's correct
    What did you do to get this answer? Please show your work, as we can't see whether you're wrong if we can't see what you've done!
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    Thanks for replying so quickly, the other formula ( I think ) would be P = E x T and W = F x d, so I'm assuming W = 105 x 25 giving me 2625. Then P = 2625 x 5 giving me 13125 W.
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    Your equation W=Fd is correct, and so is your numerical value of 2625. However, power is the rateof doing work, so your second equation is P=W/t.
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