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  1. Hello,
    Lets say I have 5nm thin film of Au and 10nm thin film of Ag. What's the Ag composition in %At (after annealing for example)?
    How do I do such a calculation?
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    Welcome to PF.
    If the two layers form a single alloy film during the annealing process, then to find the atomic percentages you will need to know the density of the Au and the Ag films. You also know the atomic weight of the metals so you can work out the number of atoms per unit area which gives you the relative atomic percentage.
  4. It doesn't add up

    I did what you wrote but it doesn't work.
    I took a bilayer of 2 metals.
    for the two metals I multyplied: density*(1/Atomic Weight)*Na .
    then sum the result for both metals and for each metal I calculated its fraction.
    I got wrong result.

    Please help me
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    What values did you use for the density and atomic weight?
    How do you know you got the wrong answer?
    What is the right answer?
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