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Bill Gates is intelligent and educated. If he knows evil is wrong, why is he?

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    Bill Gates is intelligent and educated. If he knows evil is wrong, why does he?

    If people much more intelligent and educated than myself choose to do evil, they must have a good reason to do it. What do you think is this reason?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Why do you think Gates is evil?
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    You stole my question,Ivan!
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    Maybe this has to do with the new Microsoft .Net 2006 Death Ray program
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    So wait, are you attacking Capitalism or what?
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    MS is crap...especially IE...

    is that it?
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    Hmm..he makes a mockery out of ordinary people's sensibilities by wearing that awful pair of glasses of his?
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    $$$ Power mmmm watching other people squirm cuz of your products.
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    Blame the people who buy it then.

    And as far as people squirming, people are idiots. When most people walk up to a computer, all concepts of common sense depart the brain. People seem to forget computers need to be plugged in and that printers dont work simply because they are placed close to a computer.
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    My God!! That's it!!!! Thanks, Penguino!!!!
    Gotta go do some printing now...
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    lol i went to this website where people contribute their "computer stupidities". There were about 2 dozen instances where they were trying to help people and the problem ended up being that they didnt know their computer had to be plugged in.

    There were also a few "my printer has to be plugged into the computer?" cases. Some thought they hooked up the tower to a TV (yah you technically can do it but there computer wasnt equipped for that). Some people, as cliche as it sounds, thought the cd-rom was a cupholder.
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    Cd-rom? Cd...rom....? Not a cup.....?? Omygod!
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    Bill Gates... hmm.... as far as i know, not many geniuses are interested in money.
    So he belongs to a special type ;)
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    If Gates hadn't produced the poor software, people wouldn't buy it. If people's nature changed and they became interested enough in buying prepackaged software to research alternatives carefully, then people might not buy it.

    Now, which is the more plausible change--a change in the nature of millions of people or a change in how Microsoft produced software? Clearly if Microsoft's software is bad, then it's much more sensible to blame Microsoft than to blame millions of people who act predictably.
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    And should we also, then, blame slaves for being slaves, and not the slavers for enslaving them?

    Who's fault is it really? The exploited, for being weak, or the exploiter, for being corrupt?
  17. Jul 2, 2005 #16
    People can do things which are evil in the full knowledge that what they are doing is evil. They simply don't care.


    I cannot believe where this conversation has progressed everyone seems to be peddling the obvious and the answer is so simple, also the title is rather silly..
  18. Jul 2, 2005 #17
    microsft is known for cutting corners where ever they can to save costs, including pushing unsecure products out the door. this wouldnt be so bad if the general public knew more about computers and would judge for themselves about whats worth buying but as said above, a lot of people are spending money on products they know nothing about. microsoft has been all to happy to take advantage of this market

    thats just reasoning iv been givin as to why bill gates is evil
  19. Jul 2, 2005 #18


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    How does that make bill gates evil? He makes a product, people buy it and dont care, and hes evil? Is he putting a gun to their heads and say "buy this or die"? Thats like saying the creator of McDonalds or Burger King are evil because their food is bad to eat in large amounts.
  20. Jul 2, 2005 #19


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    Absolutely. If people can't be bothered to research a product before they buy it, then more fool them.

    My Citroen doesn't have nearly the build quality of a BMW, but you don't see Citroen owners gathering in their masses around the factory shouting "Citroen, you supplied me with a car which isn't as good as a BMW, therefore you're evil!"
  21. Jul 2, 2005 #20


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    Whoa whoa whoa, horrible analogy. Slaves were forced, AT GUNPOINT, to be slaves. Bill gates does not normally go out and put up guns to your typical soccer mom and demand she buy windows xp.
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