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News Bill Moyers - Capitol Crimes

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    Here is the trailer for a PBS documentary scheduled to air Wednesday October 4th.


    If the Democrats win the Congress this election cycle, will they address lobby reform in a substantive way?

    IE publicly financed elections. Or will they pass a few ethics rules and continue business as usual?

    I don't have a lot of confidence in the Dem's but better an unknown possible evil, as opposed to a known evil. I guess I will take my chances and support the Democratic party this cycle.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    If the Dems win back Congress, the first thing that I want to hear is when impeachment proceedings and removal of Bush from office can be expected.

    As for the argument that now is not the time for such a disruption, I say there has never been a better time nor more appropriate [demanding] circumstances. Corruption is one thing, but this continued assault on the Constitution is criminal in the extreme.

    ...And they had better pick a good replacement for Hastert since Cheney will have to go as well, and I think that makes the next in line the Speaker of the House. :biggrin:
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    I would be happy with just plain oversight. Before they can impeach Bush, they need to investigate, a little subpoena power goes a long way. My guess is that once an investigation is underway Bush will be advised to resign.

    If the Dem's win the House, Nancy Pelosi will be the new speaker.

    The crux of the problem with Congress is lobbyist money buying influence. That can only be seriously curtailed by public campaign financing.
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    President Pelosi has a nice ring to it.
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    Sounds better than Bush, but remember she is a party politician.

    The Democratic establishment is IMO, only slightly less corporatist than the GOP. That is why I advocate public campaign financing. It will allow candidates not affiliated with the mainstream political machine to compete, especially at local levels.
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