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Billiards porb.

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    I have started this billiards, and am very confused by one thing.
    The ball has a mass of M, radius R, and mement of inertia about center of mass I=2/5MR2 .
    The ball is struck in the center and slides with a initial velocity. Here is what I am having trouble with, if you could give me a hint to help me get started, I would appriciate it.
    --As the ball moves across th rough billiards table it has a coefficient of sliding friction, its motion gradually changes from pure translation through rolling with slipping to rolling without slipping.
    I have to determine a v and an angular velocity for rolling with slipping, and a time when it stops slipping.
    If you could get me started I would appriciate it.
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    There is friction between the ball and the table.

    The fricton will slow the ball down, and it will also have torque on the ball.

    The ball stops sliding when the surface speed of the ball is equal to the speed of the ball.
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