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News Bin Laden is a Tyrant, says Bush

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    Do you agree? Quite a statement. In my opinion, nothing but empty propaganda from Bush. The ironic thing is that much of what he says simply reflects on himself.

    This article from Japan Times concludes key quotes.
    http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&id=351458 [Broken]

    Here are my own favorite highlights taken from the official transcript from WhiteHouse.gov. For those who missed it. FoxNews.com still has a video recording.
    http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/10/20051006-3.html [Broken]

    Bush on Tyrants
    Bush on Giving Iraq to Bin Laden from Saddam
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    A tyrant is a ruler who uses fear to maintain control. First off, bin laden doesn't rule much, and secondly I think his main technique is fanatical religion, not fear.

    Further proving Bush's inability to use english properly
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    I like the first quote. Seriously, I think he was subconsciously describing his own administration...
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    Nothing Subconscious about it, nothing at all. {He is!}

    How many Americans have died, so far, to Serve GB's Grand Vision of Re-building Iraq?
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    I particularly liked the part where he claimed the US had been 'invaded' in 2001.
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    So he can't count

    Yes well counting is something that....

    Attacked yes, invaded? well, he seems to streeeeetch the truth a little to serve political purpose, resource aquisition.

    Has anyone seen Bin Laden? is he still "confirmed-Confirmable" as Living?

    Who has more Weapons of Mass Destruction available to them, Bin Laden, Or George Bush? so who then is the 'true' terrorist?

    "So he can't count" can you?
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    I don't think this is an example of empty propoganda so much as it is Bush not knowing the proper usage of the term "tyrant."
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    Then he is an idiot.
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    Not because of that...
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    His lack of language comprehension isn't exactly a new thing. You should have seen the exhibit they had in West Hollywood on Halloween in 2000, just before he was elected the first time. It was a parody of a haunted house, but instead of being attacked by ghouls and goblins, every time you turned a corner, you were besieged by a bevy of W quotations. I really miss going to that Halloween parade every year.
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    It's not surprising he mislabels Bin Laden a tyrant. After all, he spent four years mislabelling himself as a President.
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    Wait a minute, Saudi Arabia and pakistan are not democracys, they are US backed DICATORSHIPS! What is he talking about??????

    Internet is dangerouuuusssss.

    is he talking about Colateral Damage???
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