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Binary divider circuit

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    Hello! I wanted a circuit that conducts binary division. It should not use any microcontrollers or any higher devices. I have struggled a lot with this. Im just not getting the idea of how the division operation is carried out on a circuit. I want the basic idea. I can build it up. But how is division performed? lik, we have a full adder, full subtractor, multiplier, etc.. and their logic is also well known. I have not been able to find any such circuit which conducts division. Any bit divider will do.
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    Here is the simplest way. If you want to divide by a power of two (2n), just shift the binary number by n flip flops in a shift register.

    If you want to divide by n in a binary counter, where n is any integer, then every time the binary counter counts down to zero, preload n into the binary counter. See datasheet for 74163 at


    Bob S
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    Thank you! thank you very much.. Il get back to you if i have any other problems!
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