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Homework Help: Binding Energy question

  1. Nov 14, 2004 #1
    Protonium consists of Proton and an antiproton in a bound state

    first of all waht is a bound state - is it a proton orbiting an antiproton or vice versa??

    a) what is teh Binding energy of protonium?
    do i use this formula??

    [tex] E = \frac{ \mu e^4}{8 \epsilon_{0}^2 h^2} [/tex]

    b) How far apart are the antiproton and proton in this ground state??

    [tex] r = \frac{\epsilon_{0} h^2}{\mu \pi Z e^2} n^2 [/tex]

    where [tex] \mu = \frac{m_{p}^2}{2m_{p}} = \frac{m_{p}}{2} [/tex]

    c) What is teh angular momentum of the proton or antiproton in the 3rd excited state?

    so the 3rd excited state is n = 4

    [tex] L = \mu v r = n \frac{h}{2 \pi} [/tex]

    and i find v using the formula given??

    andi right so far if you could correct me on any of these please please tell me!

    also i coul also use your help for this thread too, similar topic question!

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