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Binding Energy

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    Binding Energy....

    Is there a semi-empirical binding energy formula for the heavy nuclear 'island of stability'?

    The attachments are a plot of the nucleotide chart based upon the semi-empirical binding energy formula for the liquid drop model:

    '12a' is a surface plot.
    '12b' is a density plot.

    The axis are:
    x - proton number
    y - neutron number
    z - binding energy per atomic mass unit (Mev*amu^-1)

    I am still in the rough with this software, however anyone's critiques, corrections are welcome.


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    Fast answer is no, because stability is always due to the microscopic correction, not to the liquid drop properties. Now, most modern models use a micro-macro formula, so they predict the island.

    Check the references of my http://citebase.eprints.org/cgi-bin/citations?id=oai:arXiv.org:nucl-th/0312003 [Broken] especially Moller et al. and Lunney et al.
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