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Binomial density

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    i need to prive that for a binomial r.v X E[X]=NP and VAR(X)=NP(1-P).

    I tried to prove it using the deffinition of expectation:

    E[x]=[tex]\sum xi \stackrel{N}{i} p^{i}(1-p)^{n-i}[/tex]

    now what?

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    E[x]=[tex]\sum xi \stackrel{N}{i} p^{i}(1-p)^{n-i}[/tex] is incorrect. Should be:
    E[x]=[tex]\sum i \stackrel{N}{i} p^{i}(1-p)^{n-i}[/tex]

    For the second moment replace i by i2.
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    One more comment: to help with the variance, instead of calculating

    E[X] = \sum i^2 \binom{N}{i} p^i (1-p)^{n-i}


    E[X (X-1)] = \sum i(i-1) \binom{N}{i} p^i (1-p)^{n-i}

    will make the algebra required to work with the summation simpler.


    E[X(X-1)] = E[X^2] - E[X]

    this, and the mean, will allow you to find the variance.
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