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Binomial question

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    Can Someone Plz Answer Asap!!

    My teacher gave me homework and i gotta convert for ex. (a+b)squared=a squared+ab+b squared, i gotta do this up until to the 15th power. Please anyone have an ez way to do this or a shortcut. PLZ REPLY MY SPRING BREAK IS ALMOST OVER I HAVE LIKE 3 DAYS TO DO THIS
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    What is your question? You need to expand



    Just write it as


    and use the properties of multiplication...
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    [tex] (a+b)^{2}=a^{2}+2ab+b^{2} [/tex] !!

    Now,are u interested in that

    [tex] \left[(a+b)^{2}\right]^{15}=(a+b)^{30} [/tex]

    ,or in that

    [tex] (a+b)^{15} [/tex]

    Do you know something about the Newton's binomial formula ...?

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    You know of Newton's binomial formula.
    Your teacher is testing you whether you understand how to apply that formula or not.
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