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Bio Help Please

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    Which of the following types of cells would you expect to contain a high density of cytoplasmic intermediate filaments?

    A) Free living amoeba (the answer is no, but why? Is it because the amoeba has to move)

    B) Human skin epithelial cell

    C) smooth cell in the digestive tract of a vertebrate

    D) Nerve cell in the spinal cord of a mouse

    E) Human sperm cell

    F) Plant cell

    Any help would be appreciated :smile:
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    First, the cytoplasmic intermediate filaments has only been isolated in on type of cell and this would help eliminate two choice.

    Second, ask yourself what is the role of the cytoplasmic intermediate filaments.

    Based on their function what cell type needs this function the most. That should eliminate two more choice.

    The answer is bit more difficult to find. You may find what you want in the chapter.
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    INtermediate filaments function as tension-bearing elements to help maintain cell shape and rigidity, and serve to anchor in place several organelles, including the nucleus and desmosomes

    Ok if this is true then wouldnt a nerve cell in the spinal cord of a mouse need the filaments to maintain the structure and rigidity of the cell.

    Also human skin epithelial cell would need the filaments to maintain structure of human skin
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