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Homework Help: Bio Lab homework: Water Parameter Identification Chart

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Fill-in with the correct tank letter or the condition (eg. PPM of O2) Refer to above Chart A:

    __1. Which tank contained the lowest PPM of Oxygen?
    __2. Which of the 4 abiotic conditions(02, C02, PH, or Temperature) is most out of line in tank...A-G?
    __3. Which tank has a reading out of line with expected PH?
    __4. Which tank has a reading out of line with expected temperature?

    2. The attempt at a solution

    Did I got the answers right and if not can someone point me in the right direction?

    For question 1 I got the G Tank as my answer. It has the lowest PPM of O2.

    For the question 3 I have it narrowed down to B or F, but can't tell which is the right answer. B is one of my answers because I have it under the Temperature parameter and according to the chart it's PH should increase but it went down? Do I have it wrong and it is not the Temp parameter?

    It could be F because according to the chart Plant and Fish with Light should have a higher PH but it went down?

    Question 4 I have D as the abnormality for out of line Temperatures. According to the chart in my Lab manual it Plant with Light should have increased but in the chart above it stayed the same. All the other parameters lined up with my text books predictions. Of course the chart on my homework here doesn't have temps on it so I'm not to entirely sure?

    Question 2 I have B or F as the answer. The B tank's conditions don't line up with its expected results in comparison to the left chart. It's Oxygen should decrease but it increases and its PH should increase but decreases instead.

    The F chart is off in some areas as well: Its CO2 increases when it should be lowered and its PH should rise but lowers instead?

    Also I am listing Night(P&F) under Respiration. Is that the correct parameter for it?

    Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.
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