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Bio-mechanics project topic

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    Hi everyone,
    I need to do a project on bio-mechanics topic which has to be submitted within 2 months. I have no idea about the project because i didn't get any background on that. My professor suggested me to do some literature surveys on any existing project and try to improve it. If i could make any improvement to the existing one even it will fail later on that will do. So please help me to find one. Thanks in advance
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    Can you tell us what you've looked at and the general kinds of projects you would be interested in doing?
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    hi bud,
    i would like to evaluate an existing project and to improve it. If i am doing a new one then i like to analyse stretching excercise which is described in the figure attached with this message.i am talking about excercise B of the figure. Estimating the optimal angle , the leg is raisen up from the floor..would that work out??

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    I'm not sure what the goal of the project is. Can you possibly be more specific as to what you're asked to accomplish? The goals might be in the form of phrases like "develop the equations of motion for..." or "analyze the forces of...".
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    no.... i need to do a bio mechanics based application project. that's all...i can do any stuffs..like analysing the motion of any human parts of different age level etc
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What is the name of the course that this project is for? What topics are taught in the course?
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