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Bio-medical engineering school/career questions.

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    Some Background first.
    basically im a 24 yr old with a AAS in autobody repair who decided to go after something i should have done right out of highschool had i been bright enough. So im back in school at a local community colledge in a program designed to transfer right to the u of mn after 2 yrs and last year was basically my freshman yr since nothing really transfers.

    My goal:
    Right theres a few things that really spark my interest. Im thinking about something along the lines of Stem cells, tissue engineering, viral research, and biological weapons(I.E. working with the military/ government research), I could also see just designing medical devices to but im not as interested in that, although i think it may be a field i could do well in.

    So my questions:
    1: Right now im taking summer classes and tryingto get though this degree as fast as possible. by spring semester i should be a junior starting at the U of MN(twin cities), Looking at craigs list in my area i noticed a ad for a biotech company looking for a research tech in the field of some of the stuff i mentioned that i would like to do and i thought to myself, boy would'nt it be cool if i could just get an intership there doing what ever they would have me do(I.E. probally mop spilled nucleotides off the floor) just to get some experince on what its like to just be in such a facility, and maybee if they like me and i like it with time it could develope into more, or just be some experince under my belt. So the question is do companys typically do these kinds of things and how should i go about getting such an oppotunity, being that im already have alot going on with work and school should i try to get paid for something like this or just take basically for the value of the learnign experience(which is wht i truly want)? Should i wait until I am maybee a little futher along in school? I really have no clue on any of this kind of stuff help is appreciated.

    2. Being that i most likly want to end up in a research/engineering type position i know i will very likly need post grad degrees. How do these typically work. Is it somthing where if im getting a masters i would most likly have a job in my egree and do my courses on the side? And for getting a PHD how does that whole thing work out, and is it somthign where i have to be like a straight A student to do that?

    im sure i have more question but it seems as though ive already given whoever reads this more than enough to read. Also forgive my spelling and grammar my Word is'nt working right now so i have no spell check is definitly not my strongest area.
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