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Bio-Physical Microwormholes

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    Bio-Physical Microwormholes, tiny holes in matter, possibly protons, but microwormholes could exist in all matter, and effectively tie the Universe together.

    The Bio-physical part is to do with the brains perception of these tiny holes in space.

    Possible scenario's;

    1) one-to-one microwormholes: They are linked like a string telephone
    2) one-to-many: They are grouped
    3) one-to-all: They are all joined together

    So let's look at one-to-one, as it is the simplest variant. This would allow direct communication between them, although because of their nature there is no time differential, so all the 'information' is seen at either end.

    You would need some pretty complex pattern searching gizmo to sort out what was relevent, like a human brain?

    I wonder if this is what we do most of the time?

    Please think about this idea and discuss.

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    Nice fantasy, you wouldn't happen to have even the slightest physical evidence to support this, would you?
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    Agreed it is fiction.

    What evidence is there for microwormholes?

    Most scientists work through observation or else use their imagination.

    There is a general perception within certain science communities that the paranormal can be explained by science. The current most popular theory is some sort of physical 'recording' within the materials themselves, echos of the past.

    Using this theory, the echos from the past is your brain interpreting the signiture of the atoms in the objects you are looking at or touching and associating them with some event within this space-time pool. Most likely viewed by another brain/person.

    People who predict the future. This too could be that their brains are able to tap into this space-time pool.

    Yes, it is fantasy, but maybe it is not that far fetched, and if some study is performed some scientific evidence might be found.
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    Uh... do we have any clear evidence for the phenomenon to actually require a theory?
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    Again it depends what you call evidence.

    People talk of feeling connected, or being at one with the Universe. There is some evidence for paranormal activity. Fiction is littered with things like esp and time travel. Most people believe in a supernatural being, a God or Gods.

    Is there repeatable scientific evidence?

    No. Science discovery is based primarily on physical observation or mathematics. That is why this thread is in philosophy.
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    But the gap is that you are trying to apply a theory based in scientific materialism - wormholes and such, to an event that you admit yourself is outside the study of science.
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    The related phenomenon is studied and there are University courses available.

    But theory is science-fiction.

    It is an attempt to tie together the Universe, to explain everything in one go. Much like string theory tries to. Although this theory is based on science-fiction and observation.

    It relies on the human mind itself to work, which is actually part of the story: a self building Universe.
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