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Bio project

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    my sis in class 12th & she needs 2 submit a bio project which carries 5 marks .since i m not a bio student i cant tell her anything..
    plz suggest a good bio project in bio.
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    The effects of 2-amino-4-[3,4-(methylenedioxy)benzyl-amino]-6-(3-methoxyphenyl)pyrimidine on the Wnt signaling pathway, especially in regards to unregulated cellular proliferation.
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    Bacteriophages are interesting.
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    slime molds
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    12th grade biology.......

    "The effects of fertilizers on the Great Barrier Reef"
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    12th Grade biology !!

    How about explaining the digestive system processes !!

    total GIT
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    How about explaining the whole circulatory system. It's really good. Or a detailed explaination on genetics.
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    I remember having a project like this back in the day in my first biology class and I presented on eutrophication in the Salton Sea. Simple but interesting.
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