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Bio-Resonance testing

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    Deta Elis are a Russian company which provide well being devices based on the work by Paul Schmidt and Royal Raymond Rife. They have clinical studies and patents. Does anyone know of a low price resonance frequency analyser which could read the frequencies emitted and possibly test these devices?
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    I need a better description of the device and the specified operating procedure.
    Please provide a link to that information for a device you want to test.
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    Makes me think of a

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    And I do believe love is a powerful positive emotion which can send powerful positive frequencies... And the placebo effect is powerful also so I wouldn't fully discount that poster!
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    ... from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Rife
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    Yes I have read that also, the topic is not focussing on Rife the fraud, the technology obviously works, there are modern examples all over the world, price ranging from hundreds to thousands. I can give links if you wish. You either believe the technology or you don't. I believe that resonance can manipulate cells, molecules, atoms, etc. Everything I'm the world vibrates, and frequency is the information carrier.

    Do you know which instrument could read the frequencies emitted by the Deta Elis devices?
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    I think dowsing rods should work really well to detect the frequencies :)
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    Might have more use for them in the Middle East or Africa :)
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    This is nonsense. Thread is closed.
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