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Biochemistry courses

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    Hello everyone,

    So I was interested in knowing how much work is usually needed to end up with a good grade (A) in this course? I am going to be taking this course sometime in the future, probably next year, the first part will be about structures and physical properties of biomolecules and the second will be discussing the metabolism and thermodynamics of biochemistry.

    I may also take a full year Biochemistry lab course, since I am required to take it. So if there is any tips or advice, including how much work should be put into this course over the period of a week. Thanks.
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    How could anyone here possibly know anything about this without knowing what course at what university, etc? Study hard? Look for answers where you're likely to find them?

    Try asking a more senior student who's already taken the same course(s) at your school.
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    Well I was under the impression that most Biochemistry courses might teach very similar topics. Unless biochemistry is different depending on location.
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