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Biochemistry ->Master's in mechanical engineering advice

  1. Apr 27, 2012 #1
    Biochemistry -->Master's in mechanical engineering advice

    So I am basically at a road block in my life, unsure of what I want to do and unsure of what TO do. I graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from a decent school, and most people with my major were pursuing health professions or medicine. But I realized none of that really inspires or appeals to me. I am looking to get into engineering (particularly mechanical), but I don't want to start over again and do another bachelor's. I already have a big loan debt from my first degree, and doing another bachelor's knowing that I will probably end up going to grad school later as well would be too much.

    I actually applied to the BU LEAP program (accelerated engineering master's program) and got in for Fall, but unfortunately, I did not get any aid, and tuition costs would be waaaaay too much. I can not make it work at all. I'm not sure what to do now, because that was the only school I applied to, and it seems to be the only program that will allow me to transition smoothly into a master's program of ME with a non-engineering background.

    I completed all the math and physics requirements already, and I really just need the UD coursework from ME. I was thinking about taking some courses at a local university or CC and then try to apply to other Master's programs in ME. Would that be a possible plan? I'm not exactly sure how schools will take it that I don't have that BS in eng degree.

    Am I being realistic with this goal? I just can't do biology or research anymore, and tried to look for different outlets to get into with my background like business, but no employer will take me seriously having a biology background. My degree seems to only serve me well if I did health or medicine.

    Any suggestions on making this change? or on possible career paths I could kind of transition into without having to start over? I appreciate any and all advice!
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