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Homework Help: Biochemistry pathologies ?

  1. Oct 27, 2005 #1
    Biochemistry pathologies.. ??

    Hey guys..

    I'm trying to set straight in my mind the basic pathologies relating to sugar in the human. Mainly, the various types of diabetes and hypo/hyperglycemia.

    We covered the basics in my biochemistry class, but we did it all so fast that I got lost with all the talk of gluconeogensis and glycogenolysis and glycolysis, etc. Everything is so confused in my mind that the other night I was watching a movie and the little girl needed her glucagon shot and I had to figure out what pathology she had..

    May someone please just take the above diseases and breifly say what they are a deficiet of?

    (I promise this isn't a homework question or anything, we've left this material behind and are on heme synthesis now ... I just want to have these things straight..)

    Like.. Diabetes mellitus results in hyperglycemia because of the lack of insulin to take glucose out of the blood and into the cells.. So how does this relate to glycolysis, gluconeogensis, or glycogenolysis?

    Or when you are a bit hypoglycemic, and you release glycogen to beak down fats (b-oxidation?)..??

    I just need a little help weaving everything together.. I would really appreciate any insight into this.

    Thank you
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    Found this it might help a little:smile:

    http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/604glycogenesis.html [Broken]
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