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Bioengineering vs Electrical Engineering

  1. Jul 4, 2012 #1
    I will be starting my second year in biological engineering in the fall, but I am beginning to question my decision of major. I chose bioengineering because I would love to solve biological problems but was unsure of whether I wanted to go into the more tissue/materials aspect of bioengineering or the electrical/optical/prosthetics aspect. After working in a neurobiology lab this summer doing computational neuroscience work, I have become increasingly interested in neuroscience. Although I am really enjoying the somewhat theoretical work that I'm doing, I would love to get into the more applied aspects of neural engineering like brain-computer interfacing and prosthetics. I am definitely planning on going to grad school so I'll be looking into neural engineering programs... The thing is, I don't know if I will be getting enough electrical engineering exposure in my current program as it seems to be more "mechanical" in nature. Sure I can take some EE tech electives but would it just be smarter to do EE and take bioengineering electives instead? I realize that I can get into neural engineering programs with either background but which would prepare me better? Also, how might neural engineering research differ for an electrical engineer as opposed to a biological engineer?--- I know they might work on the same interdisciplinary projects but what might each specifically do? What foundational EE classes should I take to prepare myself for grad work in neural engineering?

    I appreciate any advice!
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