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Biogas facility from cow dung

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    Hello i hope i am posting this in the right section =). The thing is i am trying to build a biogasplant using cow manure, however i have a few questions that i need some assistance with.
    1. I want to build an anaerobic system wich means i need an oxygen free digestion tank, Does it need to be oxygen free or does an airtight tank suffice ??
    2. Since the gas tank need to be oxygen free to prevent an explosion i was thinking about putting a water expansion tank above the gas tank and simply let the gas pressure push out the water, what do you think about that will it work??
    3. I am also worried about the hose to the digestion tank since most of it will be filled with water, will the methane simply flow through the water or will complications occur.
    I have also attached a drawing to help you understand my thinking
    Thank you in advance ;)

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