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Bioinformatics Vs Structual Genomics

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    There appears to be a conflicting interest here.. its not something that I would have realised, it is only because my lecturers have said it is so.. so it must be so! But as usual, there is scant explanations on why ..

    From what I see, you need structual genomics to build the algorithms for bioinformatics programs (eg folding prediction) anyway!

    or maybe i've missed the point entirely :shy:
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    Fro my point view, both field are not conflicting. Bioinformatics deals with a lot of biological theories and models. Structural genomic is just dealing with determining the 3D structure of protein.

    Strucutural genomic is required for bioinfo to improve the prediction tools. Usually, someone will determine the 3D strucuture of a protein. The protein will be decompose in a sequence of beta chain, alpha helix and turns. This sequence will then be put inside a databank. When 3D structure accumulates one can start to teach a computer how to predict the sequence pa beta chain, alpha helix and turns.
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