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I'm rather fascinated by chemical and biological warfare. Not only by the immense power behind it but more the specific targeting of our unique physiology, especially sections such acetylcholine and the prevention of its synaptic transmitter functions.

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The above provides an interesting read about this. There is of course the more trivial and somewhat populistic HowStuffWorks entry about it.

What are your views on BC-warfare and its implications in both history and modern day? What do you think is especially interesting or strange - both from a scientific and a political point of view?
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I'm not real comfortable with some of the ways that this thread could go. Let me just say that in order for this thread to stay posted on the PF, it will need to focus on the political and moral aspects of Biochem warfare. Just as we don't teach people how to build bombs here on the PF, we shouldn't be teaching how to make Biochem weapons.

I've deleted the terrorism link that you posted, but left the HowStuffWorks link. I'm also moving this to the Politics and World Affairs forum for now.

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