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Biological names

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    biological names !!

    I am sorry for such a stupid question........

    The thing is that I am very new to Biology in my Biomedical Engineering and I am unable to memorize all the different names of the different parts of the human body.

    I manage to memorize them all but somehow, I sometimes mix them up.

    Any idea how I can cope up with all these labellings and other stuff ?

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    Re: biological names !!

    Practice makes perfect. Start with what you think are the most important parts and learn about them instead of just learning their names, that helped me out at least. Other than that the only thing is to keep studying it and immerse yourself in the different names. Soon enough you'll find it difficult to forget the names.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Re: biological names !!

    Another point - biological terms have their origins in Latin and Greek. So sometimes you may see a term with 'longus' or maybe 'brevis' in it. Once you learn what helper terms like these mean you can use that to help sort out terms like:
    Abductor Pollicus brevis
    Abductor Pollicus longus

    These kinds of helper terms repeat over and over.
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    Re: biological names !!

    I used anatomy/physiology flash cards to help me out. And like jim says, anatomy is about knowing what the words surrounding the object mean - they tell you the location; understand these and you've finished half of the battle.
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