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Biology and quantum mechanics

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    i was thinking, if we are made up of protons and neutrons at a subatomic level then pain,disease and all our ailments are specific arrangements of subatomic particles. would not our goal be to reset the energy arrangements to a time when we were well(i know this is far fetched in relation to our current technology but i believe the concept warrants merit)
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    You are essentially referring to time travel... as you would be tracing back the lineage of information about the system to a time when the information of the system was something else. Check out my thread on quantum information and how it is only created and never destroyed:

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    I think that this method of curing people would be like decomposing a messed up Rubik's cube to it's constituent molecules and then rearranging those molecules to form a cube in its solved state. There's probably a lot of better ways to go at it...

    Also, there's the question of "is that the same Rubik's cube/human as before?".
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    This is the right way to start thinking about a problem. First we ask, "As far as we know, is the state we want possible?" If yes, is there a possible pathway by which the current state can be transfomed into the desired state (in other words, going back to the rubik's cube analogy, can that state be rotated to, or would you have to disassemble the cube to do so? Of all the possible positions of the pieces in the cube, either 1/10 or 1/12 (I forget which) of them can be rotated to. The rest require disassembly and reassembly (actually, there are 10 or 12 possible assemblies, each allowing 1/10 or 1/12 of the poistions to be rotated to).

    however, as of now, we can't make changes to large amounts of matter particle by particle. We need pathways, which for us tend to be chemical reactions or physical changes.
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