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Biology coursework

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    hi there everyone can you help me out a bit plz:Relationship between the concentration of phosphate ions in nutrient solutionsand the number of cells dividing by mitosis in root tips.
    your planning must be based on assumption that you are provided with the following:
    suitable plant material such as cloves or garlic, the chemicals needed to make nutrient solutions for plant growth, a suitable stain for chromosomes such as aceto.
    Anyone got any ideas to help me out???
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    First you need to state your hypothesis, in other words, what do you think changing the concentration of phosphorus in plant food will do to root growth? Use what you know about how phosphorus is used by the plant and how this will affect cell division and growth. Once you have the hypothesis, then we can work on using the provided materials to test the hypothesis.
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    Nice that you worded your suggestion this way. As scholes works through his range of concentrations, he/she may note endpoints, at one extreme not enough phosphorus available for normal plant growth; and at the other extreme, P actually becomes toxic to plant growth

    Hint: scholes may want to bear in mind, the effect of soil (nutrient media) pH on the availability of phosphorus for plant uptake.
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