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Biology crosswords

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    Hi. My girlfriend has a biology crossword to do for class, and there's two very hard ones that I'm hoping you can jsut tell me. I'll use underscores for empty boxes and fill in the letters we have...er...she has. If the letters are wrong that she's gotten, please tell what the answer is so she can keep going.

    The first is:
    "An amine functions as an organic _m_e."

    Second one:
    "Organic compounds that have an -OH functional group" _ _ _e_o_s

    Please help, it's really buggin both of us!
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    In your second one, that E should be an O. Does that help? (Gosh, having just one wrong letter makes it pretty hard...it's amazing how quickly that misleads one).

    Nothing like a homework assignment where getting an answer right depends on getting all the other answers right. :yuck: I bet the teacher thought this would be "fun."
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    Yeah, thanks..we got it all figured out too. We've been working on it and it just happened to click together once I posted something. Thanks...this is great. it feels as if a 10,000 pound weigh has been lifted off my shoulders.
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    Well, yeah, of course...that only does some good if you can fit them in, though! That was the problem.
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