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Homework Help: Biology - Follicle Development (or lack of) During Pregnancy?

  1. Oct 20, 2008 #1
    Okay, so I'm doing these 'perception check' sheets that my bio teacher assigned for us about the female reproductive system & pregnancy. I haven't had much trouble until this question. I have an idea about what the answer is, but I would like to double check it with some of you!

    Question: "Explain how further development of new follicles in the ovary is inhibited."

    I'm assuming it has to do with the decline in the production of follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH). GnRH activates the pituitary gland (posterior, right?) which releases FSH and LH. FSH goes to the ovary by the blood and then follicle development is stimulated. The follicles then secrete estrogen, which initiates the development of the endometrium. As the levels of estrogen rise, a negative feedback 'message' is sent to the pituitary gland to 'turn off' secretions of FSH. This is the follicular phase, then ovulation occurs, then remaining follicular cells turn into corpus luteum because of LH. The corpus luteum then secretes estrogen and progesterone, and it goes on.
    But what prevents new follicles from growing? Is it just the stop in production of FSH? Or is there more?

    Help is appreciated!
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