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Homework Help: Biology genetic question

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    8. Which of the following could be the parents of a child with type 0 blood?
    C: IAIB X ii D: IAi X IBi

    I have not idea which one is the correct one help me please
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    Before we can help you, you need to put down your thoughts too. Then we can help steer you in a successful direction.

    What do you know about those blood types? When you combine them in various combinations (AxA,AxB,Ax0,BxB,Bx0,0x0) what blood type (expression) will the offspring of these crosses have? Do you know how to use a Punnett Square?
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    Yes, i know how to use a Punnette square, and i do know the combintations.. the problem is that I don't understand what I or i stands for... nor B or b.. B must be a dominant gene nd b must be a recessive gene.. but gene of what? blood type O??
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    C and D seem like a correct answer, but i think D is the correct one.. because when i did the punette square, one of genotypes were ii which is type O.. am i on the right track?
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    Yes! :smile:

    And here is another good reference
    that addresses the I, i, A, B, O part of your question.
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