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Homework Help: Biology - HELP!

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    Can someone help me answer these questions?!? thanx!@ :confused:

    Explain why blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining position and in a standing position.

    Explain why high blood pressure is a health concern.

    High blood pressure can lead to many other cardiovascular complications.

    Explain why an athlete must exercise harder or longer to achieve a maximum heart rate than a person who is not as physically fit.

    Explain why smoking causes a rise in blood pressure.
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    On a Physics forum?!
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    okay sorry... it's my first time here and i didnt know there was a difference in the forums... hehe ::confused::
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    I think Milchstrabe is just teasing.. Biology is a subtopic on our physics forum, so I don't see any reason why biology questions should be excluded on the homework section.. We just need a few more biologists over here to read your question.. (I did see that you reposted your query on our biology forum)
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    And I linked the post in the bio forum to a nearly identical question a page down. Welcome to PF eutopia. :smile: Us biologists don't wander over here too often, so feel free to ask biology homework questions in the Biology subforum. Same rules apply though; please share what you do know and as far as you've gotten answering the question on your own, explain where you got stuck, and then we can help you work out the answer for yourself.
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    They need to develope a higher rate of oxygen absorption and removal of carbon dioxide.
    Otherwise, they carry out anaerobic respiration at a very beginning time and lactic acid built causes its muscle painful.
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