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Biology - identification key

  1. Oct 29, 2009 #1


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    Hello everyone..
    I have got an assignment for biology.. I've done Task 1,2
    but i need help with Task 3..
    and it says..

    Task 3

    carry out research using different sources. Explain how the characteristics you used to produce your identification key differ from those which are used to distinguish the major classification groups.


    I've done my own identification key ...

    http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/1048/webb.jpg [Broken]

    but i dont know what shall i do after...!!!

    Please help and explain more for me =)
    many thanx
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    Welcome Rya to PF (physicsforums)!!
    You have a very fascinating assignment. I wonder what level, grade is this question?

    In part 3, they are asking you to research and find keys we use today, that classify all the living creatures. Besides your own biology book(s), you may want to find more biology books and encyclopaedia in the library for your research. I would do that first. Then in addition, you may find some information on the internet that address this topic. Once you have located indentification keys that sort out items similar to your list, compare the characteristics they used to sort them, to the ones you used.

    You may also want to double check that items you've sorted really fit the criteria you've chosen. Example: Do mushrooms have roots? What do ducks eat?
    I would research each item to see if they fit the categories you've chosen.
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    Thanx aloot :)...
    im doing BETC first diploma :)..

    alright i'll look at the library because i've got GCSE biology books..but i cant find anything about this topic..!!

    but shall i look after animals , plants, fungi, identification key separated??
    because there isn't any identification key that contains everything like animals, plants, fungi..

    mmmm, i can't really get it...:$ could you explain more , please, if you dont mind :)
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    You might start with key words classification key. and major classification groups, and see how they organize them, what criteria they choose...

    After you have sorted out your animals, plants, fungi, I would look up each one individually and see if it fits the criteria and category you have made. For example, mushrooms are fungi, Within the substrate they consume, they produce hyphae to absorb nutrients. A mass of hyphae are collectively called a mycelium. Therefore they do not produce a roots like a plant does. I would look up the other organisms and see if they fit. I've given you a clue about ducks. So you might look up them up next.
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    awww, alright thanx :)...
    but i think i need some identification key to compare with mine? right?..
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