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Biology - Inherited Traits

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    Question for biologists,

    Let's say I break my leg. My children will not be born with broken legs.

    However, if I have blue eyes, my children might be born with blue eyes.

    What is this attribute called? Inheritability? I think there is a proper word for this aspect.

    Can you help?

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    Traits? It sounds like that might be the work you seek, dominant and recessive traits... laughing I just realized that's in the title...I shall ponder longer...
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    Traits that are passed down from parent to child via genetic processes are referred to as heritable traits. Many traits are the result of a combination of genetic factors and environmental factors (such as height, intelligence, risk of getting certain types of cancers, etc.). The heritability of these traits is an estimate of how much of the variation in this trait seen across a population is due to genetic factors versus non-genetic, environmental factors.
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    jerromyjon, thanks heh heh

    Ygggdrasil, I appreciate it. I think that sounds right. Still, I had a molecular bio class (a LONG time ago, heh heh) and there may have been a more technical or jargon-y sounding term. But maybe not. Regardless, I appreciate your response.
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    I tried scanning the glossary of my organic chemistry textbook and a thesaurus but still no luck. The only other word remotely similar that I found is characteristic.
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