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Job Skills Biology major stuck in life

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    So i have been working in manufacturing (aseptic processing) big pharma for more than a year now. I have a biology degree. Im 26 to 27 next month.

    I do not like it at all, since I feel like I am in some ways at the bottom of the food chain. Least payed, little advancement and permatemp. But I am making at least some good money and experience so I will endure more time in it.

    I am studying for the pcat to get into pharmacy next year but I am not so sure of my chances tho I will try anyways.

    so I need plan B, I was thinking of doing a masters in something, but I cannot decide.

    My options are: masters in public health with biostatistcs, engineering (industrial, electrical, bioengeneering).

    I want to advance my career, hopefully use my experience to get a better position in validation science or something, though I rather not be in manufacturing setting. But I kinda feel lost as to where to look and what to do now. I feel kinda frustrated seeing how many other graduates start making 60k and im here making half of that. But I guess im here trying to change that. Any suggestions would be apreciated!
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    Insufficient info. Likes and dislikes? GPA in undergrad? Ranking of BS institution? Geographical constraints?
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    I agree with @Dr. Courtney here. We really do need more info on your particular background.

    In addition to the questions @Dr. Courtney posed earlier, you had asked about an option to pursue a masters in biostatistics. What is your background in math or statistics in undergrad? How comfortable are you in programming/coding? Same question regarding industrial engineering (math and stats knowledge is very important in that field).
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    What math you are taking? OP?
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    Sorry for the late response had a busy day! So GPA: 3.45, I studied at public college here in puerto rico. I have family in Florida so I can relocate if needed.
    I took until calculus I so I know I need more math. I self taught calculus II. (I am pretty good at math and I like it but I was stupid to not take more advanced courses)
    I took some basic courses of python and C++ and I really liked programming though I have only graced the surface.
    My undergrad BS revolved around getting all the reqs necessary to get into pharma so it leans heavily towards biology and general stuff of other areas.
    One of my favorite courses was statistics. I was really good at it too. Also all my chems and physics. I guess anything that has to do with numbers I like, which is why I am looking for options in these fields.
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    The fact that you enjoy statistics (combined with your background in biology, as well as your exposure to programming) is a good start when it comes to applying for graduate studies in biostatistics. I think the only concern I might have is that you have not formally taken a course in calculus II (nor have you mentioned whether you have taken a course in linear algebra), which tend to be prerequisites for applying to many biostatistics graduate programs.

    What I would suggest you do is to contact some individual schools that offer masters programs in biostatistics, mention your interest as well as your background, and ask whether your background is sufficient. Some schools do accept people of your background on a provisional basis on condition that you take certain courses (in your case, likely calculus II, possibly linear algebra) from their school.

    Of course, the other option would be to see if you're able to take actual courses in calculus II and linear algebra at another local public college (whether in Puerto Rico or in Florida) while still working at your day job.

    Best of luck to you!
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    well I am taking calculus II this semester. there is also a masters in bioengeering but they were asking me specifically that course. Sadly in PR no school offers bio statistics. The only one is the masters in public health bio statistics specialty.
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