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Biology mnemonics r essentials

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    everybody plz contribute,if u know some good biology mnemonics r shortcuts r tricks of solving biology Q then please share wid all of us.
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    2 mnemonics for the same thing:

    Can't remember which nucleotides are purines?

    In spanish, "AGua PURa" (Pure water)

    And this one I invented myself. It's more random, but also helps you to remember that purines are bicyclic: "Purines Are God". God is associated with angels, which have wings, which look like the bicyclic purines!

    I also used to know a fantastic one for the cranial nerves but I've forgotten it.
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    And do you recall the cranial nerves without the mnemonic?

    The best way to learn things in biology is to understand where they are and how they function. Many names are related to function or structure.

    I'm often amused at the complexity of the mnemonics my students use. By the time one learns the mnemonic, they could have understood the relationships that give the term real meaning. And, as Spirochete's example illustrates, a mnemonic is only good if you can remember it too!
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