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Biology- parts of fetal pig brain

  1. May 13, 2004 #1
    Tommorrow I have a practical on the dissection of a fetal pig I have been doing all week. Today I removed the brain- intact out of the pig. I have completely forgotten a couple parts of the brain- and would like to remember them when I have the test tommorrow. Since the pig brain is similair in structure to human brain maybe you can help me- ok try to visualize- 1) The brain, as looked from above, has the main cerebrum- which is the biggest part, and then at the back is a almost a second little brain extending off of the cerebrum. Is this the cerebellum or the medulla oblangata? Is the cerebellum under the cerebrum or posterior? How big is the cerebellum in comparison to the medulla oblangata? Thankyou.
    -Rod Aspera
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