Biology Professor Kills Three

  1. First time I've ever heard of anything like this:
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  3. Astronuc

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    I read about that this morning. She apparently flipped out - at a meeting about tenure. :uhh:
  4. I think she will have tenure where she is going now. Very sad, indeed.
  5. Apparently she was expecting it to go bad: she brought a gun.

    This part is mysterious:

    Another student said:

    It's pretty mind-boggling. I bet the whole campus is in shock.
  6. Astronuc

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    I wonder if the police suspect that the 'person of interest' should have known or did know that the professor intended to threaten or use violence if she didn't get tenure, or did the POI have something to do with the gun?

    If she showed up with a gun, that does suggest pre-meditation.

    I'm sure the campus and the surrounding community are in shock.
  7. Yeah, that's the same set of questions I have. Did he know and fail to warn? Or was he some sort of accomplice?
  8. Evo

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    Did she think the gun was empty or had blanks? Perhaps the "person of interest" supplied her with the gun.

    Even firing a gun you think is empty at people is unhinged.
  9. Is this a sign that the tenure system is outdated, overly stress-inducing, and broken?
  10. I doubt she thought it was empty. She fired it enough times.
  11. See?
  12. I heard about this last night. I thought that it was a student that went on a rampage. But a professor? Well, we are all human beings. Perhaps she just wanted to be appreciated more by the faculty, that's all. And then brokedown.
  13. Why not add hydrogen peroxide and lipstick to the ban?
  14. The implication is that she was in a dissociative state for the whole thing. She may have been, or she may be faking that to lay grounds for an insanity plea. I haven't read the new DSM but it used to be said that the only people who fake insanity are sociopaths (anti-social personality disorder). Her diagnosis is going to be a big issue at the trial. This could be ASPD, post-traumatic stress, bipolar mania, or paranoid schizophrenia. In any event, the defense would have to prove she was so psychotic she didn't know right from wrong. That just about never happens in a courtroom, from what I understand.

    In fact, she may already have a diagnosis and it could be the "person of interest" is her shrink.

  15. As they say there's no fixed profile for this kind of killer, but it would be hard to believe such a surge of violence sprang from nowhere over this specific issue. I'm thinking this woman's been holding herself together with safety pins and duct tape for years.
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    If you peoples are done derailing this thread, I'd like to point something out. I am glad it wasn't Moonbear :biggrin:
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  18. Evo

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    This thread will not turn into yet another gun ownership thread.
  19. I was thinking of that last night when I saw this news :biggrin:
  20. Ivan Seeking

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    Then how about if we delete all allusions to gun laws and ownership, and not just those supporting gun ownership? She could have hacked them all to death with a maschete, poisoned the coffee, or bombed the building. A crazy person can always find a way to kill people.
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  21. Evo

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    I deleted all posts concerning gun ownership rights discussions. Posts about her using the gun are ok, since it was the weapon used.
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