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Biology Question-help

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    Hey, im in grade 11 biology and i have this question to do for my homework. I'm having a little trouble answering the question because i think my teachers wording was pretty awful.. anyways here it is.

    Some cells are described as protein factories. Describe the organic structure of a globular protein and explain the role of 4 cell parts that are involved in the processes.

    The part that i am stuck on is what the four cell parts are? I wrote down the cytoplasm, golgi complex, Rough E.R, and the Ribosome. Is that correct? and if it is which process is she talking about?
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    I think you are right here. If you wrote the question verbatim, you're right, it's poorly worded. I have to assume from the context that the "processes" mean protein synthesis and packaging, since the question starts out by describing cells as protein factories.
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