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Biology question

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    We are learning the excretory system, and are given a thinking assignment. Okay so we are given a bunch of values for concentration of the substances in the kidney. Basically the post-glomular blood (blood after being filtered by glomerulus) has a little more protien concentration than the venous blood (blood after being reconnected to the vein system in the kidney). Why is that?
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    You have to show your own thinking on this problem before we can help. Also, unless you provide us with all the information you're given for the problem, we won't be able to help you much at all.
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    Okay I handed in the assignment already, I THINK I figured it out.... here's what I put...

    Basically I said the post glomerular blood goes through a second capilllary bed before it connects to the vein system. In that capillary bed there might have been some more water absorbed therefore the protien concentration decreases in the venous blood.

    But Im probably wrong X_X...
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