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Biology question

  1. Jan 4, 2007 #1
    In my bio lab we are creating serial disk dilutions (100mg, 300mg, 500mg) from a plant extraction sample.

    Wood sample #1 (7mL of hexane)
    Hexane 0.6651g

    so .6651g of the plant was dissolved in 7mL of hexane. Then I did dilution calculations

    so 0.6551g/7 mL = 0.095g/ml

    so I assumed 10mL of 100mg/L
    10ml x .1g/mL= 1 g
    vmL x .095g/mL= 1 g
    vmL= 10.52 mL

    so I assumed 10mL of 300mg/mL
    10ml x .3g/ml= 3g
    vmL x .095g/mL= 3g
    VmL= 31.57 mL

    so I assumed 10mL of 500mg/mL
    10 mL x .5g/mL =5 g
    10mL x .095g/mL = 5g
    VmL= 52.6 mL

    Please let me know where I am going wrong if you a problem. I appreciate the help. Thank you.
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