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Biomaterials engineering PhD programs with a physics degree

  1. Mar 15, 2014 #1
    I'm currently a physics major in my junior year, and was wondering how difficult it would be to bridge into bio-related materials and devices engineering. For a while I've had plans to pursue a materials science and engineering PhD, but have recently been drawn to biomaterials and soft matter because of the job prospects and because some related areas, such as biomimetics, sound pretty fascinating. I've heard that in biophysics or biomathematics, for example, you can pick up all the bio-related knowledge needed in graduate school. Does the same apply if I want to apply for a biomedical/biological engineering graduate program, with a concentration in materials? I have time to take up to 2 semesters of organic chemistry before graduating, but am reluctant to start any freshman bio just because of all the memorization involved. Also, would relevant research experience help? I'm going to attend a materials science REU at Penn State this year, and may have the option of choosing an adviser in bio-related materials/nanotech/soft matter.
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