Biomechanics of Knee Joints

  1. Any ideas of what's the best type of knee joints structure implant to help patients with osteoarthritis and other disease?
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    That's a bit broad...

    Uh... Have you considered talking to your doctor?
  4. =D I'm actually doing a project of the knee joint prosthesis, but I do not know what type of knee joint structure to choose or even start with. Please give some advice. Thanks. =)
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    That is a field of study that is keeping physicians, biomechanical engineers, prostheticians, and several other experts in various disciplines occupied into overtime.
    I am not even close to being current, but the last that I knew of the favourites were cobalt steel and polymer, with Teflon coating as a substitute for synovial fluid. That was a long time ago, though, so I don't know what they're up to now.
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